A Herbalife Expert Review: Advice from Samantha Clayton

A Herbalife Expert Review: Advice from Samantha Clayton

How does your breakfast make you feel? Samantha Clayton represented England at the Olympic Games in 2000 as a sprinter. She is a mother of four children and is a certified personal trainer and group exercise coach through the American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA) and the American Council of Exercise. In this article Samantha will share her Herbalife review how regular physical activity can help keep us fit. She tells us her tips developed to be able to take time to live a balanced, active lifestyle.

For many, most of our life is spent working. Many also often give up before even trying. However being active does not have to require much effort, it can be as simple as going for a walk around the block or even cycling to work. At least you are getting up out of your chair!

This is a challenge that Herbalife is ready to take. The range of Herbalife products is to help improve people’s nutritional habits and overall health and wellbeing; you can take a closer look at the whole Herbalife product range here.

First of all you should start by defining what level of physical activity suits you. Then if you choose to increase the intensity of your activity, your body will adapt after a few weeks and you even may be tempted to pursue a sport. If you really want to see a difference it is important that you integrate more physical activity and structure into your schedule, you should be doing it several times a week to increase the benefits.

When it comes to taking up a sport people often give up because they think it is too difficult. They are nervous or simply do not know how to do it. So in this Herbalife review we have put together some tips to help get you started.

Follow Samantha Claytons Tips to help you Get Started

In today’s society we face a lot of stress, lack of time, financial difficulties, tight deadlines at work or just the logistics of everyday life with children. Stress can be the cause of weight gain and therefore make it hard to control weight. Discover Herbalife’s opinion on the link between stress and nutritional balance. It is therefore important to devote time to exercise.

  1. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and do not hit snooze!
  2. If you start the day with physical activity, this will soon become part of your routine and you will not look at it as a chore.
  3. Place your exercise gear at the foot of the bed, that way it is the first thing you see in the morning. Put it on and get to working out!
  4. If you prefer not to exercise in the morning, take your exercise gear to work.
  5. Ask a friend or work colleague to join you in order to help you get motivated.
  6. If you cannot devote 30 minutes straight to a work out try and split your workout into three short 10 minute workouts.
  7. If you are participating in an endurance competition, remember to conserve your energy and choose nutritious foods that will help you recover after your workout. When you are preparing for a competition, remember to be smart and consume complex carbohydrates and proteins.

Samantha Clayton shares her Herbalife Reviews on the Importance of Keeping a Strong and Healthy Body

I am happy to help people adopt an active and balanced lifestyle, but on the other hand I am concerned by the ignorance of people when it comes to diet and exercise. I hate to see people full of enthusiasm to start a new activity to abandon it before having seen the initial results. So I want to let you understand what a realistic program to refine your figure looks like.

Do not wait to start
There is no “best time” to start in terms of diet and activity. A brisk walk or a bike ride is a great start.

Adopt a phased approach
If you run head first into a highly ambitious exercise program, you will risk two things; giving up because your body will suffer from the sudden increase in activity, or an injury which can quickly put an end to your new exercise program. So make sure you take things slowly to begin and choose activities that you enjoy.

Set yourself realistic goals and aim for the long term
This will help you to stay on track to reduce your level of body fat.

Do not launch into a strict diet or an over ambitious sporting program
We would all like to lose weight and tone up our muscles in a flash and the promise is enticing. Many people tend to start with a strict diet and go straight from the couch to an intense sports program. This approach in my opinion is the cause of the yoyo effect among dieters and often causes more weight gain than the reverse.

Do not weigh yourself everyday
Weight alone is not a reliable indicator of the success of your sports program. Instead of focusing your attention on the scales, take your measurements and calculate your body fat levels. This information is more meaningful and encouraging as you will see your efforts paying off.

By following the advice of this Herbalife review by Samantha Clayton you will be able to make exercise part of your routine easily and achieve the body that you desire.

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