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Naturally Essential!

Our body, hair and skin all largely consist of water. Water nourishes and moisturises our bodies, keeping us healthy and feeling fresh. This is why daily products like Shampoo or soap should help keep us hydrated and maintain moisture balance.

With its natural and deeply moisturising ingredients, Herbalife AQUA is an essential part of any beauty regime. Herbalife AQUA is formulated to the highest safety standards in product development, utilising natural and proven ingredients including extracts from seaweed and Camellia Japonica, that lets your hair and scalp enjoy the pampering touch of nature every day.

A gentle and easy-to-rinse formula for everyday use.

Key Benefits
• The specially formulated botanical blend will help moisturise your hair and scalp.
• Free from sulfates and parabens.
• Gentle formula will support your hair colour with natural shine (Not tested with dermatologists)

Packaged: 300ml 10 fl oz

Herbalife® AQUA Conditioner
A deep rich conditioner that will moisturise your hair and scalp every day. Free from parabens this gentle formula will support your hair colour with natural shine. Gentle on sensitive skin and hair. (Not tested with dermatologists)

Key Benefits
• Herbalife AQUA is gentle to the hair and scalp with a formula that is free from parabens.
• Essences from camellia leaf extract and seaweed extract to nourish your hair.
• Easy to rinse formula for shampoo, it’s easy to apply onto hair tips for more nourishment and conditioner. Feel the maximized benefits of the product.

Packaged: 300ml 10 fl oz

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